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    Kwabs - “Look Over Your Shoulder”

    Kwabs and SOHN are a super duo. They’ve proved this fact multiple times in the past with collaborations like “Last Stand,” “Wrong or Right,” and “Something Right.” When they work together, their differences dissolve to create a beautiful blend that highlights each of their individual styles. The duo created magic once again with their latest collaboration, “Look Over Your Shoulder.”

    Kwabs has a soulful voice that is filled with an undeniable power—a voice that would normally be found performing down-tempo ballads or belting to crowds on Broadway. But the complexity of SOHN’s beat allows Kwabs to take a further step outside of the prepackaged R&B box. Both Kwabs and SOHN have the ability to grab a listener’s attention with their talent but when they come together, one never overshadows the other. Their individual talent always helps to heighten the other’s, and that’s the beauty of it.—Adrienne Black