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    Post Malone - "Holyfield"

    "Holyfield" is one of Post Malone's weirdest songs yet. It's also one of his best.

    From the excellent artwork (shout out HK Covers, @100BRBR, and @trvsbrthrs ) to the line referencing Evander Holyfield (refresher: Mike Tyson bit a chunk out of his ear during a fight), Post Malone mixes lighthearted and boastful moments with some really earnest singing, letting loose with the passion of a rock'n'roll frontman.

    As per usual FKi (joined this time by Rex Kudo, Charlie Handsome, and Lifted) absolutely kills the beat. Post Malone is carving his own lane, and he doesn't give any fucks about how you feel.—Constant Gardner