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    Puff Daddy ft. Pharrell - “Finna Get Loose”

    Last weekend Diddy (P.Diddy? Puffy? What are we calling him these days?) excited viewers of the BET Awards with a huge 20th Anniversary performance featuring many Bad Boy classics. Diddy finished his set by performing a new single with Pharrell. After singing along to a few minutes worth of familiar hit singles, I had a moment where I didn’t know if Puff and Pharrell were performing a song I had somehow never heard before or premiering a new song. But that simultaneously exciting and stressful moment of confusion made it even more intriguing.

    The performance of their new single “Finna Get Loose” was enough to spark my excitement and make me raise the volume on my TV by at least ten. But the official version sounds even better. Immediately, I can tell that I’m not really experiencing the full potential of this song by sitting at my desk and listening to it on my laptop. This is a party hit, it needs to be blasted at high volumes on late summer nights. Every summer I have a go-to favorite that I want to hear the DJ play—this just became my jam for the summer.—Adrienne Black