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    Riko Dan - "Ghost Chilli"

    Most of the Riko Dan tracks I've heard over the last two years have been way more sparse, allowing his poisonous pen to explode in a room with few things to distract. "Ghost Chilli" is a different wave entirely, finding one of my favorite MCs over the lit "Pepper Riddim" from Prince Rapid's The Rapid EP.

    For those who are turned off by the more quirky grime sounds, this might be more up your alley. It's not trap, nor is it straight-up rap; it's fuzzy, anthemic synths coasting over muted snares and rapid fire kicks. Dan's toasting like a g-d madman, with a flow that will draw you in even if you can't pick up the bars—but when you pick up those bars? MURDAAAAAAAAAAAAH!—khal