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    Silkie - "Upstate"

    I was commenting on how hard it can be to get tracks for these "Best of the Week" jawns that the squadron does, primarily because my inbox is too future for these features. That's not a humblebrag (or a brag at all); I just get pre-release music that I can't speak on, and usually forget to when it drops because I'm an idiot. This week, though, Silkie's impressive album Fractals smacked me in the face... primarily because I had no idea it was dropping.

    For anyone who knows my love for jungle music, this cut should be like "yeah, khal would rock with this" from the intro. It's not a jungle workout at heart, but it definitely builds on a 160BPM-y bed, letting soothing, hypnotic melodies swirl around before it turns into more of a steppy bass-driven number. Its somber, rainy day bop is what I've needed for the better part of this week, and is a beautiful way for this futuristic album to end. It's everything I love about Swindle, Joker, and jungle dons like Bizzy B, all rolled into one.—khal