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    Eric Dingus

    Austin's Eric Dingus has been producing music since 2012, but it wasn't until this year that he was given the platform he truly deserves. In 2012 he released an underlooked album titled Ethereal Depression (even now, none of the tracks on the album have over 500 listens),  and now he's landed a spot on one of 2015's biggest releases so far. Going from sub-500 plays to a spot on Drake's latest is a pretty big jump, but it's a natural progression no less.

    His production on Drake's "Now & Forever" was characteristic of his signature style, and yet it suited Drake's emotional rap-crooning perfectly. He's one of SoundCloud's biggest success stories of 2015, but he's far from done yet. Whether producing solo material or working with frequent collaborators Dowrong and Bishop Light, Eric has proved himself as a versatile and unique producer.