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    By Constant Gardner, Graham CorriganAlex Siber, and Barr Balamuth

    A little while back, we noticed the ShoutMix on the right hand side of P&P was starting to fill up with requests. Not for a particular song or the standard "let's build fam" pleas—no, the people wanted depressing songs.

    Since we live to serve, P&P decided to cook up a list of 2015's most depressing songs. This year has had its fair share of soul-crushers: artists are feeling everything from mopey to nihilistic in this brave new world, but at least they're using it to make some great music. There is, however, a pretty good chance this list will impel you to draw the blinds, pull the covers over head and spend the rest of the summer in a deep sulk. Just remember: you asked for this.

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