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    Future - "Kno The Meaning"

    "Kno The Meaning" might be the most solemn song to emerge from Future's recent game-scorching campaign. It's definitely the most detailed—rap's hottest star expounds on a myriad of troubles that have befallen him in recent months.

    The record mostly focuses on the overseas jailing of DJ Esco in Dubai. Those 56 nights meant the absence of a brother, but it also meant the multi-month loss of Future's go-to hard drive. Here the tireless artist equates that period to losing his life.

    More than a rehash of the familiar story with novel tidbits of info, "Meaning" is an all-inclusive catharsis. Talk of a kingpin uncle and grandpa speak to the generation-transcending power of hereditary hustle; his readiness to embark on a tour while his daughter waits at home leaves him conflicted; remembering naysayers' doubts show that despite the motivation haters provide, they leaves a mark.

    The subdued themes of MonsterBeast Mode, and 56 Nights all roll into one on "Kno The Meaning." Southside's somber keys soundtrack Future's honesty, allowing for a moment of reflection amidst the bright lights.