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    Kool Keith – Sex Style

    Year: 1997

    When Dr. Octagonecologyst, Dan the Automator’s album with Kool Keith, came out in spring 1996, suddenly everyone wanted a piece of Keith. So it was pretty amusing and awesome to behold what he came up with as his first solo offering, Sex Style, the following year. The cover was a slapped-together collage of Keith wearing a hot pink thong advanced upon by a prostitute or a stripper with a box of children’s cereal in the background and a big car, a motel sign, champagne, flowers, and palm trees displayed around him. The music contained therein matched this visual tableau.

    With hooks like, “Yo baby, don’t rush it when I sit up on it” or “Make up your mind, who you want to pump the butt?” or “Regular girls, they’re so boring, regular girls could never turn me on” or “Keep it real, represent what? My nuts,” it’s pretty clear where Keith’s head is at. With creeping, bouncy production from KutMasta Kurt, he sounds completely comfortable; the titular style clearly suits him. He put out dozens of albums after this but none ever worked this hard.