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    Main Source – Breaking Atoms

    Year: 1991

    On the 1993 A Tribe Called Quest track “Keep It Rollin’,” Large Professor, who’d produced the song, threw in a plug of sorts at the end of his verse, advising listeners to “buy the album when I drop it.” He never did, at least not that decade, but at least we have this. Released two years before and boasting full-album production from Large Professor, Breaking Atoms belongs in any conversation about the standout albums of the golden era of hip-hop, but the dissolution of the group’s label Wild Pitch left it out of print for years; a collector’s item, albeit a dope one.

    It’s difficult to believe what’s coming out your speakers when you crank tracks like “Looking At the Front Door,” probably the most infectious diatribe by a pissed-off boyfriend ever recorded; “Just a Friendly Game of Baseball,” an awesome crime narrative set to a creeping jazz sample; and “He Got So Much Soul (He Don’t Need No Music),” in which Large Pro traces the evolution of his talents from when he was “negative three months old” to now, all over a choice snippet of “Hey Joyce” by Lou Courtney. Also not to be missed is the historic posse cut “Live at the Barbeque,” which features the debut on wax of a young man who’d go on to big things; one Nasir Jones.