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    Sevdaliza - "That Other Girl"

    Taken on its own, Rotterdam singer Sevdaliza's "That Other Girl" is an alluring look at an affair—sensual, unpredictable, and an all together engrossing listen thanks to a seductive performance and forward-thinking production.

    Taken with its incredible 3D video, "That Other Girl" becomes its own world, a multi-faceted art piece that invites deeper interrogation while also being simply mesmerizing. A labor of love, Sevdaliza teamed up with experimental visual artists Pussykrew last December to craft an uncanny, surreal world of amorphous, melting objects, outsized outfits, and contorted bodies. While this sort of extreme treatment might overwhelm some songs, it only serves to intensify "That Other Girl." A perfect marriage of a great song and imaginative imagery. If you're in the U.K., you can catch Sevdaliza in action at our first No Ceilings London show.—Jon Tanners