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    Trapo - “Modelo”

    For many artists, the goal is to try to create an instant banger that will grab everyone’s attention. It always seems to be the low-key tracks, however, that find a way to creep into your memory with memorable lines or melodies. Trapo’s “Modelo” falls into that second category.

    Trapo begins the song with a very subtle, but evident energy—a perfect medium that most listeners relate to. His delivery is easygoing but every once in a while he’ll add necessary emphasis to make his most prominent lyrics stick out. Halfway through the song Trapo delivers the line, “We don’t got bottled water/ so stop acting bougie and drink out the faucet,” with such force that it almost demands listeners to rewind the track so it can be heard one more time.

    That kicker alone would have been good enough for me, but the repetitive and catchy hook—”Trapo got that holy water”—is what I personally found myself singing over and over long after the song had ended. As low-key as this song may seem on the surface, it’s very easy to imagine an energetic crowd shouting these words right back at Trapo.—Adrienne Black