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    Roseau - “Grab (Kwes Remix)”

    If there’s one important thing I’ve learned about judging music, it’s that you should usually let a song completely play out before forming any opinions. There are lots of reasons why, and Kwes’ remix of Roseau’s single “Grab” proves one of them—you never know what might happen next. When this remix of “Grab” begins, there’s a dark, almost otherworldly overtone. However, seven seconds in the beat takes a sharp, surprising turn into a completely new sound that immediately pulled me in.

    As soon as Roseau’s voice enters, it seems like a few more layers have been added to the track. Her voice isn’t quite a whisper, but it still holds the ability to put listeners into a trance. The repetitive “Take me home!” line feels both dizzying and spellbinding when combined with the beat. Towards the end of the song these words become the only thing carrying us through the sonic dimensions that have opened up before our eyes as the song plays out.

    Had I gone with my brain’s initial reaction to the first few moments of the song, I would have missed out on something beautifully captivating. Don't make that mistake.—Adrienne Black