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    Year Founded: 2008

    Recent Favorites: Flying Lotus, Lapalux, Thundercat

    Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder has always taken home top honors when it comes to the L.A. beat scene, and 2015 has been no different. Known for their eccentric, jazzy melodies, off the wall rhythms, and trippy visuals, Brainfeeder never plays it safe.

    Their roster has been getting stronger and stronger, both in terms of individual talent and how they’re growing as a whole. Both Thundercat and Lapalux were standouts with their incredible sophomore albums, and between touring and his BBC Radio 1 residency, Flying Lotus seemed to be everywhere this year. Even if DJ Paypal’s new mini-album Sold Out was their last release of 2015, it’d be a damn near perfect year for the label.