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    Year Founded: 2011

    Recent Favorites: Brodinski, Pantero666, Illangelo

    Bromance Records have always been ahead of the game and so far, 2015 has been no different. With their cutting edge releases, immersive artwork, and stylish roster, they're right at the forefront of club culture.

    This year saw the release of Brodinski's debut album, which was well worth the wait—his first EP, Bad Runner, came out in 2007. The full-length, BRAVA, embodied the Bromance aesthetic: taste-making techno wrapped up with authentic rap, making for one big party. This year also saw the expansion of Surkin’s new project Gener8ion (you should check out the collab with M.I.A), as well as amazing releases from Pantero666, Louisahhh!!! and MYD. And if there weren’t people at every party you were at this year wearing BMC clothing, you were probably at some terrible parties.

    Bromance says:

    Our proudest moment this year has been the whole year so far!

    We had Brodi’s album, new signings like Gener8ion, and the video for the Gener8ion track with M.I.A. We put together a party in Coachella in less than 24 hours, and had over 2000 people come, with kids telling us that they drove from Vegas, San Diego, and S.F just for this for this lineup. Touring all over the world with my best friends, seeing Kanye rocking a BMC hoodie at a Louis Vuitton show, a new project with Jeff Chery coming soon, the new Homieland compilation, bringing people together that weren’t supposed to.