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    Year founded: 2012

    Recent Favorites: Ziro, Island, Bloom

    Bristol-based label Crazylegs has been putting on parties for years, but moved into releasing music in 2012 with a 12" from Ziro. This year, Ziro is back with an incredible full EP which features Bloom, Riko Dan, and the kind of brilliantly unclassifiable music that roundly refuses to be put in a box.

    Their releases may not generate the biggest amount of hype, or reach as far outside the dance music world as they deserve, but trust us, this music is special.

    Crazylegs says:

    Damn, it's been a year of proud moments... Gage flying out to NY to perform with Kevin Jz Prodigy, Bloom remixing Björk, Ziro finally nailing his sound and finishing this amazing EP, the crazy response to the dJJ single, obviously Murlo effortlessly taking over the world. Too many.