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    Friends of Friends

    Year Founded: 2009

    Recent Favorites: Keep Shelly in Athens, Daedalus, Jerome LOL

    FoF is a great example of a label understanding the digital age, balancing free downloads with tangible products. They believe that even in the age of online streaming and BitTorrent, fans will shell out money to support their favorite artists and most importantly, to have a physical object.

    Founded by Leeor Brown, FoF’s first release was a T-shirt with a digital download of an album, they then expanded into vinyl, CDs, and artbook releases, catering each release to the artist themselves.

    FoF is based in Los Angeles and hosts some of the best underground artists out West, like Daedalus, Jerome LOL, Groundislava, and Nadastrom. They're also branching outside of L.A. with artists such as Braille and Keep Shelly in Athens whose new album Now I’m Ready is being released in two weeks.

    Friends of Friends says:

    Our proudest of 2015 has to be all of the amazing new faces we’ve brought into the fold, like Keep Shelly In Athens, Nadastrom, Braille, IDYLL, Anenon all releasing for the first time on the label and one of our favorite friends, Tomas Barfod, coming back for a new one in November. The Toyota commercial that used an Ernest Gonzales song was pretty wild to see too. Been a fun year and it’s only getting better!