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    Local Action

    Year Founded: 2010

    Recent Favorites: Lil Jabba, Deadboy, Finn

    Local Action is a London based label run by Tom Lea. They've made a name for themselves by housing work by electronic edge-cutters like Shriekin, Inkke, Lil Jabba, Deadboy, and more. Despite being one of the most underground on our list, they’ve been making serious waves throughout 2015.

    Deadboy’s music has been everywhere, and Lil Jabba, who can count the late DJ Rashad as an early fan, has been releasing A-list tracks in vast quantities. A number of their roster, like Shrieken, Slackk (one of the founders of Boxed), and Inkke  have been directly at the centre of developing and championing the new sounds of grime that are currently taking over the world. 2015 was a huge year for the label, and we definitely recommend being up on your game so you’re close to the action in 2016.

    Local Action says:

    I guess 2014 was the year where Local Action fully 'broke through' in terms of appearing on end-of-year lists and stuff—releasing three albums helped—but we've put out some of my favorite ever records this year. Deadboy's someone I've wanted to work with since the label started, and I think it's a sign of how far we've come that we've got to release, in my opinion, his best-ever music. Finn's Knock Knock is a special one: we've worked closely since his first-ever demos, and he's become a real integral part of the crew. Seeing it be so well-received is great, and he wins new fans with every set. It's also been gratifying seeing our camp work so well with vocalists—there's obviously 'Heartbeat' and Q's vocal tracks in our catalogue, but putting out a proper grime anthem in 'Final Warning' made my year. Then there's Dread D coming up—that's a record I've wanted to release for five years.

    Biggest moment has to be the Corsica Studios night with Boxed though. It obviously wasn't Local Action solo, and we had a lot of help from Clock Strikes 13 organizing the whole thing, but selling out that venue and the reaction everyone got from the first tracks on was overwhelming. We were pretty meticulous in terms of set times and keeping a contrast between rooms, and it worked out so well.

    We close 2015 with DJ Q, Dread D and something else yet-to-be-announced, and Shriekin and Yamaneko are working hard on new records for 2016. Confident that those will be two of our best yet.