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    Year Founded: 1984

    Recent Favorites: James Blake, Sporting Life, Slackk

    The oldest label on this list, excluding a short break in the early 2000’s, R&S has been killing it consistently since 1984. You may not be fully aware of their ever-evolving roster of electronic music, but since that first year, they’ve released music by Aphex Twin, Juan Atkins, James Blake, Sporting Life, Joey Beltram, Blawan, and so many others. If you’re looking for a way to spend the end of your year, I recommend even just attempting to explore their discography and seeing how far you get.

    2015 saw R&S release Slackk’s incredible, cinematic Backward Light EP, the electronic explorations of Sporting Life’s 55 5’s, Blue Daisy's genre-bending Darker Than Blue album, as well as a hot pink re-release of Lone’s majestic debut album Lemurian. Oh, and just last week they dropped a new Nicolas Jaar track. R&S stays winning.

    R&S says:

    Our proudest moments have been continuing to support underground music that we love, signing new artists that we want to support and seeing artists like Lakker and Blue Daisy get great reactions to their albums.