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    Year Founded: 2011

    Recent Favorites: Sango, Ta-ku, GoldLink

    Soulection is a radio show and label run by the two founders (Joe Kay and Andre Power) and their team (Jacqueline Schneider, Julio Galvez and Montalis "Monty" Anglade). By signing niche acts with passionate fan bases—such as Ta-ku, Sango and Mr.Carmack—Soulection has retained a tight-knit, family business feel to it.

    As Power said to i-D last year, “When people think about Soulection they think about it as one. People really are drawn to how we maneuver and work together as a family.” This tightness extends to their particular mix of hip-hop, soul, and dance music, an unmistakable blend of tastes that keeps their SoundCloud fresh and growing by the day. The recipe has garnered mainstream success as well as a strong underground following.

    Last year, Soulection collaborated with cult streetwear brand Stussy and brought their radio show to the UK’s iconic Rinse FM. This year, they gave away their entire discography for free (for 24 hours) and got their own Beats 1 radio show. It’s safe to say that Soulection are gaining some serious momentum, and this year marks a highpoint.

    Soulection says:

    Getting our own show on Apple Music/Beats 1 was a highlight. You also have to be more than just a label now, you must be a cultural catalyst with transparency. People want to be part of something and be along for the ride, so sharing and communicating what's happening via live shows, social media and other public forums allows for a shared vision and support system.