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    Tri Angle Records

    Year founded: 2010

    Notable artists: Rabit, Evian Christ, Mssingno, The Haxan Cloak

    Tri Angle Records are always ahead of the curve. Run by Robin Carolan, the label's five years of existence has seen releases from diverse, boundary pushing artists, whether that's How To Dress Well's fractured R&B, Clams Casino's subterranean hip-hop beats, Evian Christ's menacing dance music, or The Haxan Cloak's unclassifiable walls of sound.

    This year has seen albums from dancefloor destroyers Rabit and Lotic, while Haxan Cloak and Robin himself worked on Björk's album in carious capacities. The label also celebrated its fifth birthday with an amazing party in New York, and as we eagerly await whatever Mssingno has coming, we can be sure that Tri Angle will continue to blow our minds in 2016.