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    True Panther Sounds

    Year Founded: 2004

    Recent Favorites: Tobias Jesso Jr., King Krule, Shlohmo

    True Panther Sounds is a small label mainly focused on indie rock signings. Despite only having a few artists, they choose their talent well; we have them to thank for Girls (R.I.P), one of the label's first signings. But they've only grown stronger since, with the current roster producing some pretty special stuff.

    True Panther Sounds was founded in 2004 by Dean Bein and is now an imprint of Matador Records. Bein is still an integral part of the label, and looking through their various social feeds, you can see him get hyped on old T-shirt releases. When you’re spending money supporting a small label, it’s definitely nice to see where your dollars are going.

    They have put out two amazing albums this year that have earned them a place on this list. They hooked up with Shlohmo’s label WEDIDIT (more on them later) to release his Dark Red album, and True Panther was also responsible for Tobias Jesso Jr.’s brilliant debut album Goon.

    True Panther says:

    I think having Tobias Jesso Jr. play on Jools Holland. Having an artist that 100 people in the world had known about the year before play a really musical and respectable program abroad felt really special and was a first for the label.