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    Year Founded: 2012

    Recent Favorites: Shlohmo, Purple, Tory Lanez

    If that weird kid from high school who always wore the same hoodie started a label, it would look a lot like WEDIDIT. The label and collective are equal parts sarcastic and smart, with a lot of darkness thrown into the mix. This translates to their “professionally unprofessional” online presence and incredible merch, but the sentiments really shine through in their music.

    The label is centered around the experimental side of electronic music—Shlohmo, RL GRIME, Ryan Hemsworth, Purple, Groundislava, and D33J as the main players on their roster. The collective releases some of the darkest R&B around; last year it was the Shlohmo and Jeremih joint EP No More, and they followed it up this year with Tory Lanez’ Cruel Intentions EP.

    For a small label, they crank out an impressive number of releases. Besides Cruel Intentions, WEDIDIT co-released Shlohmo’s Dark Red album and also Purple’s murky debut Silence & Remorse. The label has recently added another outpost, Tombstone Records, so know we can expect more good things from them.

    WEDIDIT says:

    Our proudest moment was getting the whole team together to make tracks for my brother Tory Lanez' Cruel Intentions EP and then finding out Kyrie Irving was bumping the tape once it came out. Shlohmo released Dark Red and Purple released Silence & Remorse, two albums they poured their hearts into and both came out masterpieces.