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    Demo Taped - "Game On"

    A couple of weeks ago I saw Demo Taped live for the first time, and I was surprised. First of all, he's a confident, magnetic performer—not what I expected from a 17-year-old who describes himself as anxious and is open about his struggle with depression. I expected an artist unsure of himself, but he's a natural performer, and his love for what he's doing is on full display.

    I was also surprised by how much of his set was purely instrumental. Behind the boards, Demo Taped is a production prodigy, but my favorite Demo Taped songs are still the ones with an emphasis on vocals: "Not Enough," "I Luv U," and now this one, "Game On." Demo Taped could easily be a behind-the-scenes producer, but "Game On" is another example of how much more he can do. This young artist may be a production wizard, but it's his warm melodies, moving lyrics, and signature vocal sound that make him one of my favorite new artists.—Confusion