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    Nadus - "Bust It Open"

    It's hilarious to hear people get so excited for Jersey club while Nadus is seriously over it and putting his own hybrid, futuristic spin on the sound. While tracks like "Bust It Open"—which is taken from his forthcoming Broke City deluxe release—share a tempo with the sound that made him and a number of Jersey producers known (along with some sexually-charged chants), "Bust It Open" is just as big on the bright, emotive synths and fuel-injected 808s.

    While most Jersey club plays on the faster tempo, there's enough of a slower rock in tracks like "Bust It Open" for you to get your inebriated turn up on, while Nadus slips just enough next level vibes to give you a glimpse of the forthcoming phase of whatever the hell we want to call what he's making in the next few years.—khal