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    Tyler, the Creator - "Fuck It"

    Tyler had been quiet... too quiet... when it came to his recent exile from the U.K. and Australia. There were a few pissed off tweets, but nothing on the level of fury that the freedom-hating decision deserved. "Fuck It" is a start—it's a stark departure from Cherry Bomb, and is much more in line with his OFWGKTA days, which were what got him in trouble with authorities in the first place.

    I missed this Tyler, the one full of pent-up rage and unabashed frustration. It's just too bad it took such an extreme (and delayed) reaction to bring him back. I'm not saying this is Tyler being himself—we can never be the people we were—but he does sound natural over these types of beats. He's expressing himself with a raw, unrestrained delivery that still has room for brutal lines that ooze cool ("Tell Australia I'm sneaking in with a mic in my damn hand"). These kind of cutting punchlines still come easy to Tyler, and that's comfort enough for the time being.—Graham Corrigan