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    Pell - "The Almighty Dollar"

    Pell and Dave Sitek for the win. The young New Orleans rapper and TV on the Radio producer bring out new sides of each other. Pell busts out the gate with Redman levels of charisma, and Sitek laces him with a fun, triumphant beat to commandeer.

    The chorus is great, but more importantly, Pell remains one of the most relatable, honest rappers making music right now. Sonically, this track is upbeat and carefree, but lyrically, it's the opposite of stunting. Instead of faking it 'til he makes it, Pell just tells it exactly how it is. That shouldn't be such a rare occurrence in rap, but it is. GoldLink knows. Props to Pell for keeping it real and having fun while doing it.—Confusion