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    Kill J - "You're Good But I'm Better"

    "You're Good But I'm Better" has been one of my most-listened-to songs of the past two weeks. At first I labelled it a guilty pleasure—it pops like bubble gum at first, and I'm a super-serious music writer. But the more I listened, the more I realized Kill J put together one of the hardest songs in recent memory.

    "Do I have to slit my fucking wrists to get an answer out of you?" These are the kind of rhetoricals the Scandanavian songstress lays at the feet of her lyrical prey, directed at "the crush that went stale and toxic," according to her SoundCloud. She goes on to say the song is about "the bitter cocktail made up of sexual frustration, feeling invisible, lovesickness and alcohol." If there's ever been a case for the creative benefits of alcoholism, this is it.