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    Better material than we've heard in 2015

    Let's keep it 💯: while Kanye has surely made some interesting music in 2015, it's not like he's owned the music conversation in the way he has in the past. He kicked off 2015 with a song with Paul McCartney, and less than month later they linked with Rihanna for the pop hit "FourFiveSeconds." It was interesting, but not necessarily what fans were looking for from 'Ye's SWISH.

    The one track people really dug, "Wolves," got a live SNL 40 performance, then disappeared into the ether, and "All Day" was great, but we need more. Yeezy Season seemed to be in full effect in the spring, but then we got another lull that featured some Big Sean, A$AP Rocky, and Wale collabs.

    "U Mad" was kind of lit, but again, that's a Vic Mensa track, and none of this is confirming what we'll be getting from Kanye, exactly. With talk of James Blake and Chance the Rapper collaborating with 'Ye, maybe this year was more "Kanye Kollabs" than him properly focusing on SWISH?

    Look, we could sit and dissect everything Yeezus did in 2015, but the fact of the matter is that if this is a build to SWISH, it's a little underwhelming. The hope is that Kanye finally filling his SoundCloud with (new to us) tracks leads to something epic might be a stretch, but 2015 hasn't been the best in terms of fire material from Kanye West.

    But we haven't given up hope, and neither should you. Kanye's surprised us too many times over the years to make the mistake of thinking he won't drop a classic.