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    Kanye over forward-thinking production

    Just like 808s & Heartbreak before it, Yeezus pushed Kanye entirely out of his comfort zone, albeit with a little help from some new friends. Kanye's more divisive side incites a lot of excitement and speculation from fans, and it'll be somewhat of a disappointment if SWISH is merely a rehash of old sounds.

    While it's awesome hearing new production from 'Ye himself, there's nothing like two artists working together seamlessly to create something neither of them would have on their own. Kanye has proved time and time again that he can help guide a producer into the big time.

    Hearing Kanye over production from the likes of Yung Gud, Mssingno, Romil, or Blank Body would be immensely exciting not only for those involved, but for the listeners too. Some of the best moments on Yeezus came when Kanye took some big risks production-wise, and we can only hope to see that paying off again on SWISH.

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