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    More songs about North West

    The life of Kanye West has undergone a great many changes since Yeezus was released in June of 2013. But all the awards and speeches pale in comparison to Kanye's acclimation to family life.

    He's gotten married to the biggest reality star OF ALL TIME, and is the proud father of North West. The change has inspired a few new songs from Kanye, and they're very close to the polar opposite of the Yeezus buzzsaw cuts.

    Songs like "Only One" represent this new stage in the artist's life, and while the adoring, tender songs will hit you right in the feels, we wouldn't mind seeing the other half of fatherhood, too. The late nights and diaper changing, for instance. Or the anxiety of finding the right pre-school. Or a song from North's perspective, about how tough it is to be a baby in the spotlight (see meme below for details).