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    Little Simz - “Don’t Forget”

    On her own, Little Simz can grab anyone’s attention. For her latest track “Don’t Forget,” however, she links up with Hit-Boy to create a track that is as impressive as one would assume from these two talents. Hit-Boy provides intricate production which is both menacing and intriguing, but even with such a complex beat, Simz remains in control.

    Little Simz has an exceptional ability to deliver hard-hitting verses that sound like they're completely effortless for her. Her calm delivery shines through once again on “Don’t Forget” and makes it easy for listeners to never miss any of the cleverly vicious one-liners embedded within the track. This song seems to serve as a proper reminder to those who continue to underestimate Simz’ talent that it’s time to stop fooling themselves and finally admit that she is a force to be reckoned with.—Adrienne Black