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    Night Lovell - "Fraud"

    At only 17 years old, Night Lovell dropped one of 2014's most unique mixtapes. There was heavier hip-hop out there, but nothing carried the same heft as Concept Vague did throughout its entire runtime. His voice is commanding, hypnotic, and dominant. Ever since the release of the mixtape he's branched out more here and there, celebrated his 18th birthday, and improved considerably. His latest, "Fraud," might not be his best track yet, but it's easily his most attention grabbing.

    Produced by frequent collaborator Dylan Brady, the unrelenting track is a showcase of Lovell's massive capabilities. The minimal but monstrous production gives plenty of breathing room, but Lovell doesn't leave a second to spare. Brakes aren't even an option here, and if this is any indication of how good his next project will sound, then we're in for one hell of a treat when it finally drops. Lovell is one of Canada's most promising prospects right now, and "Fraud" is solid proof of why.—Joe Price