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    Britney Spears was hired by the Bush administration to distract the public.

    Pop culture fans may remember Britney Spears’ quote in Fahrenheit 9/11: “I think we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes and we should just support that.” A simple case of Southern solidarity? Perhaps, but Britney's connection to George W. Bush may run deeper.

    Conspiracy theorists have pointed out that many of Spears’ most attention-grabbing acts have coincided with controversial moments in the capital, and she may in fact have been hired to divert negative White House PR. Her infamous hair-buzzing incident was concurrent with Bush’s announcement that Al Qaeda was reforming. A year earlier, Britney announced her split with Kevin Federline on the same day that Donald Rumsfeld stepped down.

    Does this even make sense? Maybe not. But it’s not stopping some from claiming that Spears is an off-the-books employee of the Bush administration.

    Hot take: “Don’t forget that this is the same singer who was rumored to have been caught ‘mid-canoodle’ with Karl Rove during a 2002 Cirque de Soleil show in Rome.”—Idolator

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