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    Dr. Dre started Burning Man.

    In a letter Dr. Dre supposedly penned to the woman who is now his wife, Nicole Threatt—then married to NBA player Sedale Threatt—Dre claims he stumbled upon a bunch of naked hippies partying and hoisting a wooden man in the Nevada desert while he was scouting for a spot to shoot the video for “California Love.”

    When the hippies said they weren’t making any money off the party, Dre decided to “make some loot of[f] these fools.” The aptly named tumblr Dr. Dre Started Burning Man claims that Dre is indeed behind Burning Man, at least financially, having been collecting the net profit from ticket sales since 1995, claiming that “to avoid having to deal with scrutiny or show his participation in this event Dr. Dre does all Burning Man-related business under a limited liability corporation called Black Rock City, LLC.”

    Hot take: The below letter. This is clearly Dre’s handiwork—just look at the sign-off: “Wish I was up in that ass.”