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    Hippies were started by the C.I.A.

    In the '60s and early '70s, secret operations like MK-ULTRA, which is now a well-known drug experiment, allowed C.I.A. agents to dose unsuspecting citizens with drugs like LSD. Conspiracy theorists allege that the C.I.A. exploited this practice even more and actually manufactured the hippie movement to discredit anti-war protesters.

    By painting them as drug-addled bums rather than intelligent, respectable people, the government was able to escalate war in southeast Asia with less restraint. At the helm of this theory is David McGowan, who points to the fact that a large number of influential counterculture musicians were raised by high-ranking members of the army in L.A.’s Laurel Canyon area, which happened to be next to an important military base.

    In addition to people like Frank Zappa, Stephen Stills, David Crosby, and John Phillips (of The Mamas and the Papas), Jim Morrison lived in Laurel Canyon. His father, George Stephen Morrison, was actually the Navy admiral who was essentially the leader of the pivotal Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964. This direct connection suggests that many influential leaders of the counterculture movement were not genuine, but rather puppets of the government planted to sway the American youth toward passive self-gratification and away from active resistance.

    Hot take: “It's public knowledge now, due to the Freedom of Information Act, that MK ULTRA mind control is the real deal and that psychiatrists working for the CIA used sophisticated mind control techniques on people who had no wish to participate. This destroyed the lives of the victims and many of them died as a result of the experiments. The government created Manchurian Candidates to use in the Cold War, but also as political assassins in general. However, we are told that these experiments stopped some time in the 1970's and are now just another dark chapter in American history. Victims and researchers are telling us different, though."

    "These experiments have continued up to this day, but under other code names and are now even more sophisticated. The Illuminati scientists are very knowledgeable about how the human mind works and understand how to manipulate it. These mind control techniques are what has been used in the music industry and are still used today in Grunge, Gangsta Rap, Hip Hop or any new genre. Same old techniques with new labels…” See? It’s all just one, great big conspiracy.—BeforeItsNews