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    John Lennon was killed by the government.

    Understandably, some people have found it hard to accept the senseless tragedy of John Lennon’s death. Then there are those who claim the murder was actually orchestrated by the government to silence a vocal opponent of the Reagan administration, which was just coming into power at the time.

    Fenton Bresler’s book Who Killed John Lennon? claims that Mark David Chapman—who was never declared mentally ill and was shockingly calm in the aftermath of the shooting—was a “Manchurian Candidate,” an ordinary man brainwashed into being an assassin for the C.I.A.

    Bresler’s theory is that programming an everyday man to commit the murder instead of a professional avoids some complicated questions about the shooter’s skills. However, another theorist named Phil Strongman suggests that the precision of the shots had to be the work of a professional shooter: Chapman was trained by the C.I.A. specifically for his mission.

    The internet, of course, has taken this theory and bolted, positing that everyone from the Tavistock Institute to Satan had something to do with the murder.

    Hot take: “New World Order head honcho and Satanist, globalist, CIA chief and Tavistock underling vice-president George Bush had Lennon slaughtered on the streets of New York; where he died in the arms of someone that a number of sources claim was the monarch agent deployed by MI6/CIA to keep the exceptionally intelligent Lennon constantly gravitating toward the social fringe; thereby keeping his potential influence at least minimized — Yoko Ono.”—John Quinn

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