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    Morrissey predicted Princess Diana's death.

    The Diana-Morrissey Phenomenon presents a series of clues Morrissey laid to predict Princess Diana’s death.

    On August 31, 1978, 19-year-old Morrissey supposedly first met his future musical partner in The Smiths, Johnny Marr. Exactly 19 years later, to the day, Diana was killed in a tragic car accident. She crashed into the thirteenth arch of an overpass in France, and oddly enough, the thirteenth word on side one of the album The Queen Is Dead is the word “arches,” while the thirteenth word on side two is the word “smash.”

    And there’s more: the cover photo of the album shows French actor Alain Delon, and who pronounced Diana dead but the French doctor Alain Pavie? Still not convinced? The list goes on and on, but one of the more interesting tidbits is the last single Morrissey released just before Diana died, titled “Alma Matters”; Di was killed in the “Alma” underpass.

    Furthermore, the cover of the single shows Morrissey leaning against a car—his only cover to feature a car—in the traditional arm-tucked-in-shirt stance of one of France’s most iconic leaders, Napoleon. The back covers even shows three men—reflecting the three men in the car with Diana during the accident—centered around a pillar.

    Hot take: Morrissey was interviewed about the tragedy by the Swedish music magazine POP, reportedly saying “It was so predictable. It was expected." Of course, he was talking about the tradition of celebrities dying in crashes like Grace Kelly and James Dean, but still.—DianaMystery.com

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