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    Stevie Wonder isn't blind.

    As a result of complications arising from his premature birth, Stevie Wonder went permanently blind soon after birth, or—according to internet truthers—maybe he didn’t. A series of odd events has led some skeptics, including ESPN’s Bomani Jones, to point out that Stevie Wonder may not, in fact, be blind.

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    In one of the stronger pieces of evidence, Paul McCartney knocks over a mic stand during a performance at the White House and Wonder manages to catch it before it falls. A photograph of Wonder looking through the viewfinder of a camera, apparently taking a photograph, also cropped up, as did footage of Wonder’s 62nd birthday wish: to film for TMZ (which he said, unsurprisingly, to a TMZ cameraman brandishing a camera). Sporters of the #stevieaintblind hashtag also point to the fact that Wonder, a longtime basketball fan, routinely sits courtside and seems to follow the action. After a 1973 car accident, Wonder permanently lost his sense of smell and even his sense of taste for a while. That said, he’s always had a good pair of ears to, you know, hear the announcers.

    Hot take: “When Stevie was little, he would be running around at Motown pulling pranks on people—with no help! Riddle me that! Riddle me that.”—Bomani Jones