• Brockhampton

    A group of young artists coming together to make R&B or hip-hop isn't exactly a novel idea in 2015, but Brockhampton isn't interested in trying to replicate success formulas.

    Foregoing the collective tag in favor of self-identifying as a boy band, the group of singers, rappers, producers, and visual artists made waves this year thanks to a phenomenal debut album from Kevin Abstract, Brockhampton's figurehead. Combining their disparate talents into a cohesive whole, they've successfully made their mark this year.

    Whether it's the impassioned verses of Ameer Vann and Matt Champion, or the slick production from Romil and Bear//Face, no one in Brockhampton is a weak link. Following the impressive "Bet I" with "Dirt," plus lots of solo tracks from various members, theirĀ future is incredibly bright.