• Demo Taped

    There is more to Atlanta than trap music, turn-up professionals, and hit-makers. Demo Taped is the real deal, and he's making some beautiful music. The young singer/producer is fleshing out a sound within the confines of a few signature synths, starting with one of this year's best EPs back in February.

    Since then, he's released a couple more gems, with "Not Enough" topping the list. A nostalgic ear for melodies and an ability to layer sounds without any one piece getting lost has Demo Taped near the top of our list of up-and-comers. He's also gotten into the remix game with a great rework of Wet's "It's All In Vain," and did us the honor of playing one of our No Ceilings shows last month. Big things are most assuredly coming for the young artist.