• Smino

    An overplayed trope in the canon of comedy and drama: signify change (the deep kind) by enacting surface change (the shallow kind). Sminowho we recently profiled—is not a better artist because he no longer raps as Chris Smith Jr.; with that said, one can’t help but notice his growth since he ditched his birth name for a new moniker.

    Smino’s S!CK S!CK S!CK EP, released this past fall, established a unique lane and showed impressive consistency. This month he released "Ciabatta" and followed it up with another EP, blkjptr, an even stronger collection of songs.

    An important part of the equation is Monte Booker, Smino’s go-to producer. These two have a special chemistry, and 2015 was just the introduction. These guys are about to make a huge impact in 2016.