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    Gift shopping has never been easier. Everything is on the virtual market, and you can find anything you want with a few clicks.

    As music lovers, we're used to family and friends giving us iTunes gift cards and the occasional concert ticket. But that doesn't cut it in 2015, now that we have the ability to stream music on Spotify, watch videos on YouTube, and share albums via Dropbox. Before artists had their own web stores, you used to only be able to buy merchandise if you physically went to see them in concert or caved and secretly purchased a knock-off on your way to the venue.

    But musicians are becoming more like graphic designers by the hour, especially during this holiday season. From Grimes phone cases to 2 Chainz's dabbing Santa, we've assembled some of this year's best music-themed gifts. The holiday season is upon us, and it's time to get inspired. Here's the Pigeons & Planes Holiday Gift Guide for 2015.