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    Eminem - "Lose Yourself"

    Reached No. 1: November 9, 2002 Weeks at No. 1: 12

    “Lose Yourself” is one of those tracks that causes pandemonium when it comes on at any public function: half the bros in attendance will fall over themselves trying to rap along. Take that as you will. Regardless, it’s a classic Eminem song and arguably the biggest of his career. It’s also his most inspirational song, a rarity coming from a rapper that usually swings between goofy and unflinchingly dark and violent.

    The beat is tough, but it’s the hook that makes it, bringing the otherwise gritty song into motivational territory. But if you’re not looking for adrenaline, dive into the internet's favorite lyric (“mom's spaghetti”), which spawned a multitude of memes and parodies.