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    Joe ft. Mystikal - "Stutter"

    Reached No. 1: February 24, 2001 Weeks at No. 1: Four

    It takes talent to rap over a Pharcyde song and not make it sound like a corny cover version, but Joe and Mystikal nailed it. Though the version with Mystikal is a remix of Joe’s original, the addition of rap and that Pharcyde beat takes Joe to a whole new level, not to mention the vocal hook being chopped until is literally stutters. Definitely a high point.

    The video is worth a look too—it has evil twins, road rage, and infidelity; all the necessary components of a good video.“Stutter” was also featured on the soundtrack Double Take an Eddie Griffin/Orlando Jones disaster about double-crossing twins, because you know how those darn twins love to double-cross.