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    Kanye West - "Gold Digger"

    Reached No. 1: September 17, 2005 Weeks at No. 1: Ten

    Kanye West is one of those artists where it’s hard to really decide what his biggest song is—there are just so many classics. But “Gold Digger” was an undeniable pop smash. There are few songs that can capture a room's attention with just four words: an empty dance floor will fill before Jamie Foxx can even finish saying “she take my money.” Even the “Kanye West is an idiot" haters put aside their differences for this one.

    This song broke lots of records (most digital downloads in a week, fastest selling digital download), and even though those records have since been broken, "Gold Digger" holds a top spot in music history—and Kanye knows it, recently performing a verse from the song for his faux American Idol audition.