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    Outkast - "Hey Ya"

    Reached No. 1: December 13, 2003 Weeks at No. 1: Nine

    It’s weird to think that “Hey Ya” is over 12 years old. Because it doesn't feel that way—it’s one of the happiest, most upbeat, timeless songs of all time. The video for “Hey Ya” plays on this notion; a retro video, classically set like any Beatles-era footage, plays out in front of teeming crowds of screaming tweens. “Hey Ya” would have been a classic no matter when it was released.

    Although it's basically a Andre 3000 single from the Love Below/Speakerboxxx album, this will forever be known as one of Outkast’s most memorable tracks. It takes a certain level of songwriting to singlehandedly revitalize Polaroid camera sales—all those Urban Outfitters Polaroids can be blamed on/attributed to “Hey Ya.”