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    Mick Jenkins ft. theMIND - “$3,000 Advice”

    In the few months since Mick Jenkins dropped his Wave[s] EP, he’s made few but notable guest appearances on various tracks. Thankfully he decided to kick off the new year with some new music. This week he returned with not one, but two new songs for fans who have been thirsting for more music.

    One of the new tracks, “$3,000 Advice” features production by THEMpeople that feels both smooth and alluring. The subtly bouncy rhythm sets the perfect tone for Mick to reveal his softer side as he makes an effort to impress a lucky young lady. Guest vocals from theMIND help to complete the more tender side of this double release—a fitting match to balance out the grittiness of its counterpart, “Grenade Theory.” Unfortunately according to Mick, there’s no full project coming just yet—this is just a little sip of what he’s been working on. But if this is a preview of what’s to come, it seems safe to say that the rest of the music will be worth the wait.—Adrienne Black