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    Nao - “Fool To Love”

    After a breakup, there are several different emotions a person can experience. The results of those emotions are constantly displayed in music. There are far too many somber or bitter breakup songs to count. However, Nao seems to take a different route with her latest single “Fool To Love.”

    For her new single, Nao admits that her past relationship wasn’t her best decision but this song isn’t full of regret. Instead, she creates one of empowerment and growth. Nao delivers a confidence booster with meaningful lyrics that may be exactly what many people need to hear. Her words—“Self-assurance is taking me over”—combined with the rhythm transform this single into a feel-good song. As a result, “Fool To Love” becomes a great pick-me-up—encouraging listeners to work on a better self, rather than dwelling on the past with lyrics like: “It’s time for a stronger me.”—Adrienne Black