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    Ever since TLOP dropped, my brain has felt little like an antiquated computer processing 18 complex equations.

    I’m still processing. At times, just simply enjoying having fresh material from Yeezy, pulling serious head nodding (probably disconnecting) faces on public transport. At other times, feeling bafflingly ill-equipped to digest the sheer complexity and moxie of this record.

    Therein lies the key to Kanye’s importance and relevance to modern day music right now. He challenges and provokes people to listen repeatedly, even if you don’t end up liking what you hear.

    The leaked version of "Wolves OG CDQ" does just that. It’s a beautifully revised version, and its method of release challenges me to think about Kanye’s intent and the creative process of everyone who appears on it, each one adding their own intricate layer of talent.

    All the while, I keep bopping my head wondering what it must be like to be so far ahead in your own lane, lighting the way on an untraveled route and still be largely penalized for having your full beams on.

    In my book? "Wolves" is yet another welcome addition to Mr. West's legacy.